Brazilian artist Nathi and American artist Foxxanne have released their first collaboration single together after releasing their solo singles earlier this year. The track was created by a well-rounded producer named Cory Barker who introduced Nathi and Foxxanne to a UK writer, Lucan Mills. The trio got in the studio to jam and ended up forming a creative bond which led to the birth of “This is How we Do (A Gente Faz Assim)”, which is now available on all digital platforms as of Friday, October 25th, 2019.

In early 2019, Nathi and Foxxanne linked up on social media to work on a record together. The first session started a powerful friendship, and both artists became each other’s muse. Nathi’s home studio, which is now where they both reside in Los Angeles, is their main creative space and a haven for every artist who comes in. “There’s just something about this place! I can dig deep creatively and feel free as an artist”, said Lucan Mills.

The process that would result in this new single began with a session between the three artists: Foxxanne and Lucan wrote the verses while Nathi blurted out the lyrics in her native language, Portuguese. “There is a lot of resistance to foreign languages in the American music industry, but my goal is to change that reality”, says Nathi, who is part of the new generation of bilingual Latin acts that are emerging in the United States.

 “I don’t speak Portuguese but the feelings that a foreign language brings to this song express emotions that goes beyond words”, says Foxxanne.


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