Among my favorite albums of 2019 is “Macumbas e Catimbós” by @alessandra_leao, a Brazilian singer and percussionist from Pernambuco.

The album dives deep into Afro-Brazilian culture with lyrics that touches on issues such as women’s empowerment, race and religious intolerance. “It‘s a gift that I offer to the Orixás, which are spiritual guides and entities that work, dance, sing, prescribe, and heal. This record is a present to the forces that guide me,” she said.

Nominated for Latin Grammy this year as Best Brazilian Roots Album, “Macumbas e Catimbós” also features Lia de Itamaracá, Mateus Aleluia, Sapopemba, Luiz Quiguiriçá, and Karina Buhr.

Through this record, Alessandra Leão demands respect and acceptance of Candomblé and celebrates the diversity of Brazil and the glory of African ancestry ?? Axé ??


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