Time seems to run at a different pace for Rio’s singer Elza Soares. The Samba legend is 82 but you wouldn’t tell if you listened to her most recent album “Planeta Fome”, one of my favorites of 2019.

Surrounded by continually younger musicians and an ever-changing musical landscape, she has made music of defiance and empowerment since the 1950s.

With her unmistakable tone, at times poetic and always energetic, Ms. Soares captivates people of all ages by speaking on sexuality, race, and politics. It happened in a different time and it’s happening now, with young people who still feel represented by what she’s speaking about on her extraordinary music.

“She’s exactly the type of figure who young Americans should be paying attention to. At a time when we’re all increasingly vocal about the toxicity of the status quo, we need uncompromising leaders who speak truth to power. Elza is just that.”, said the music writer @zachsokol for @i_d.

Make sure to add “Planeta Fome” to your playlist!



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