ed-motta31. Ed Motta & Conexão Japeri was the first studio album of Brazilian musician Ed Motta, released in 1988 when the artist was only 17 years old. As the nephew of Tim Maia (1942-1998) -the king of the soul in Brazil-, Ed Motta rapidly reached fame but showed enough talent to remain in the spotlight without taking advantage of his famous uncle’s name.


2. Unpredictable, Ed Motta’s work comprises Brazilian radio hits such as songs of Manual Prático Para Festas, Bailes e Afins (1997), to more complex journeys such as Dwitza (2002) and Aystelum (2015), without the fear of displeasing his audience. Mixing different styles, from funk and soul made in Brazil to the jazz with an American soul, Ed has collaborated with musicians such as Roy Ayers, Chucho Valdés, Paul Griffin, among others.

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3. In 2013, he released the album AOR, revealing himself as an aficionado of “Adult-Oriented Rock”, a style typified by pop-rock with strong soul and jazz influences, generally from the late ’70s and early ’80s. Listen to his favorite tracks from his favorite genre in two brilliant mixtapes he put together for Wax Poetics: Mixtape 1; Mixtape 2


4. In Perpetual Gateways, released in February 2016, the artist reconnects with jazz fusion, with touches of funk and R&B. His international tour starts in May. Check out the dates here.

5. Ed is a controversial artist, with a history of polemics showing inattention towards the Brazilian audience during his concerts abroad. In 2015, he posted on Twitter: “This isn’t a nostalgic concert about Brazil. It is an international concert”, warning his Brazilian fans waiting to hear “Manuel” -his biggest hit in Brazil-, during his European tour. This comment generated criticism and boycott from his fellow countrymen on his shows.


6. Recently, the artist got involved in another controversy, this time picking on fellow musicians Criolo and Ivete Sangalo, who made a concert honoring the memory of his uncle. “To me, the work of Tim Maia is untouchable, it’s only good coming from him”, he posted on social media.

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