Bernardo Salce
Photo: Bernardo Salce / @everydaybrasil

For decades, photojournalists have documented the beauty of Brazil, revealing its nature, traditions, and the diversity of its people. But too often the subjects of those images seem to be diminished to symbols, and it’s rare to see photos of the daily life of Brazilians featured in foreign outlets. “A complex country is easily reduced to caricature,” says Ivana Debértolis, photographer and curator of Everyday Brasil, a project focused on the country’s ordinary life, featured on Instagram.

The successful Everyday Africa, a pioneer project launched in 2012 by Peter DiCampo and Austin Merrill, acting against the visual clichés about living in Africa, have inspired many photographers and different Instagram profiles worldwide, including the Brazilian version, released by Ivana in 2014.

Anderson Souza1
Photo: Anderson Souza / @everydaybrasil

“I curate images based on the unique stories behind the scenes and also on the opportunity to learn more about remote cities, people, culture and facts in Brazil,” she explains. The individual moments that Ivana and her collaborators have witnessed and captured gives us the chance to see Brazil as locals experience it on a daily basis – and it looks so beautifully real that you should also see it every day.

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