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The multi-talented Lara Gerin was born in Campinas, but it was in São Paulo that she found her home. Known as the most fashionable female DJ in the city, Lara plays her sets at the most sophisticated parties in town, with the stamp of approval from international brands such as Marc Jacobs, Adidas and Dita Von Teese, among others.

Lara began modeling in the early 90s when the Brazilian fashion industry was gaining global recognition; she went on to live in Europe and Asia, working for top fashion brands including Thierry Mugler, Claude Montana, Issey Miyake, and Chloe.

Back in Brazil, she started working as a stylist alongside internationally acclaimed art director Giovanni Bianco, and also with designers and top celebrities.

In addition to those accolades, she’s got a killer style and a closet any girl would die for, making her the go-to person for all things music and fashion.

We asked Lara Gerin what she’s been listening to and wearing lately:



No one knows how to blend authentic Brazilian rhythmics with rap as Criolo does. He is one of São Paulo’s most influential artists nowadays, and also a hit on my DJ sets.



I love hip hop and Emicida is one of the greatest discoveries on this genre in Brazil. He has been an MC for a long time, but just recently stepped into the spotlight with his unique way of rhyming and composing. His lyrics talk about politics and the struggles of everyday life in São Paulo.

Ana Cañas

Ana Cañas is Brazil’s Janis Joplin. I love her sexy voice and natural sophistication.




Osklen represents the true Carioca style, not stereotyped but still sexy and tropical. Designer Oskar Metsavaht is one of the most elegant man in Brazil, with an eye not only for the looks but also for the materials, always eco-friendly and socially responsible.

Paula Raia

Not your ordinary party dress, Paula Raia’s fashion is made for women wanting to stand out. Her creations tell a story and are made to impress. Also, she doesn’t have a serial production, so it’s pretty rare to find someone wearing the same dress in a party.

Reinaldo Lourenço

Reinaldo Lourenço creates for strong, mature women that seeks for elegance, great materials and global fashion references. The shapes are precise and his timeless flair never goes out of style.


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