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As the biggest and most adored artist in the world today, Beyoncé once again gifted us with her latest work, Lemonade, displaying amazing performances, fashion, and visual art. And we couldn’t overlook the fact that she chose to wear a piece by a Brazilian designer in one of her videos, putting Brazilian fashion into the spotlight for the rest of the world.

However, this is not the first time “Queen Bey” has declared her love for the country through her work:


GIG Couture 2

The Brazilian fashion brand GIG Couture recently got their highest profile fan. After visiting GIG’s showroom in New York City, Beyoncé ordered an exclusively designed jumpsuit for her music video “Sorry”, part of her new album, Lemonade, released worldwide last week on HBO.

GIG Couture 3

The knit piece has a print inspired by the legacy of Scottish designer and architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and it is part of the brand’s Summer collection. GIG Couture also retails in the United States, Argentina, Mexico, Dubai, France, Spain, Portugal, and Japan.


The star chose Brazil as a one of the main protagonists of her music video “Blue”, shot between Rio de Janeiro and Trancoso, Bahia, as a love letter to her daughter Blue Ivy.

In the video, she also pays homage to the Brazilian culture, displaying the daily life for residents of Rio’s favelas, interacting with ordinary citizens, buying a popsicle from a street vendor, wearing full Carnaval regalia, and even a Brazil jersey to play soccer with some kids. It’s Brazil as we know it.

Put It in a Love Song

Beyoncé e Alicia Keys em gravação do clipe

In 2010, Beyoncé teamed up with Alicia Keys to shoot a music video in Rio de Janeiro’s streets, favelas, and the Sambódromo, where the Carnaval parade takes place every February.

“Shooting Put It in a Love Song in Rio, in Brazil, was incredible,” Keys said. “I feel that the energy of the city matches the energy of the song. It’s sensual, it’s exciting, it’s so rich with color. I loved it.”

In the end, the final footage of the video wasn’t released to the public, but the buzz and the beautiful images remain.

The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

Beyoncé released a promotional video shot exclusively to announce her concert dates in Brazil, during 2013’s Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. The black and white video shows the singer on a beach with Girl From Ipanema playing in the background, declaring her love for the country, besides showing other locations and footage of excited Brazilian fans lined up on the streets.

Dereón by Beyoncé and C&A

Back in 2010, Beyoncé launched her own fashion line for Valentine’s Day in Brazil, in collaboration with Brazilian department store C&A. The Brazilian frocks came from her fashion label, Dereón by Beyoncé, featuring the singer in advertisement campaigns around the country. It also featured the star showing off her gymnastic skills while cartwheeling and flipping over laser beams. The music in the ads was Beyoncé’s hit Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).

With such displays of affection towards our country, we think it’s time to offer her the Brazilian citizenship already, no? #BeyoncéForBrazil


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