Besides becoming a very popular destination for Brazilians in the last few years, the fishing village of Jericoacoara is well-known around the world for those who practice windsurfing.

Jeri (as locals like to call it) is located in Ceará, on the Northern coast of Brazil, almost parallel to the equator, with trade winds coming straight from Africa, something that basically guarantees good and strong winds all day between the months of July through January, ideal for intermediary and experienced windsurfers.

For those who don’t want to bring their own equipment, there are several places around the area for rentals, such as ClubVentos, Tico Wind, and Vela Windsurf Resorts.

Jeri may not be the best destination for windsurfing if you are a beginner, as the wind may be too strong for rookies. But it is possible to take morning classes, when the wind is still not very strong, even for those who never touched a surfboard before.


The front part of the village is protected from the waves and the sea is shallow, making it the perfect setting for intermediate surfers to practice, besides being a playground for the most experienced to practice their maneuvers. In this area, you will always find those making the most complex moves seem easy.

On the other side of Jeri, there’s Malhada Beach, where the waves form ramps, ideal for practicing aerial maneuvers. Between November through March, the waves are a slightly bigger, forming ramps good for jumping or even a little surfing.

The main beach is reserved exclusively for windsurfing, so kitesurfers usually flock to Preá Beach, located 6.2 miles (10km) east, or they simply go down a little to the other side of Pôr-do-Sol Dune, where a lagoon forms behind a sand beach.

When it comes to food, don’t miss the restaurant, Na Casa Dela, offering a menu of local cuisine made with the freshest ingredients.

*This article was originally published in Portuguese by Ola Persson at Chicken or Pasta. Translation by Priscila Toledo.




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