It all started with a piece of silk 36″x 36″ (90cm) and the desire of the French brand Hermès to show their admiration for the beauty of Brazil. Rio de Janeiro’s native Filipe Jardim, one of the most respected fashion illustrators nowadays (he’s already worked for Tiffany & Co. and Louis Vuitton), was then invited to showcase the country in one single print. With a style blending organic features and geometric forms, the artist reunited elements of a country full of contrasts, portraying from futuristic curves of its capital Brasília (projected by the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer) to the exuberant Atlantic Jungle (home to the iconic Pão de Açúcar, or Sugar Loaf, in Rio), passing through the concrete horizon of São Paulo, the richest and most populated city in South America.

lenco hermes 4

Jardim’s drawing is so alive that it surpassed the limits of a fashion accessory and it became an animation for the charming movie launching the collection, named Modernisme Tropical. “We wanted a song that celebrated the roots of Brazil, but that sounded modern and contemporary”, said Simone Esmanhotto, responsible for the music direction of the video which includes a new song performed by its songwriter Nina Becker, in a reference to the bim-boms of bossa nova of João Gilberto and João Donato.

The bossa jam session also included musicians Pedro Sá (Caetano Veloso’s guitarist), Renato Massa (drums), Rafael Vernet (piano), and Alberto Continentino (bass), both music partners of Ed Motta. “I think that if Miles Davis came to Rio in an astral trip looking for musicians to play a jam, these guys would be the ones invited”, says Nina.

Since February, the Modernisme Tropical is part of Hermès’ special collections, and the silk scarf became a “small-big” object of desire with a Brazilian soul. It costs U$ 395 and comes in seven different colors at


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