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Graduated in Social Communication at the Anhembi-Morumbi University (2002, Sao Paulo, Brazil), works as a journalist for over 10 years writing on lifestyle, culture, food, fashion, travel and luxury for major publications in Brazil. Currently living in Los Angeles, Tatiana is professionally active in the areas of content development, editing, translation and strategic communication, matching her background both in the Brazilian and American markets.

Since 2010, she collaborates with VEJA Luxo, a luxury edition of the largest news magazine in Brazil. She also have articles published on Elle, Vogue, Red Report (TAM),  Bazaar Kids, among others.

With experience as an editor, worked as a Lifestyle Editor for  InStyle Brazil from 2008 to 2010. In the United States, worked as a Content Editor for Think Commerce Group, curating news for 4 different websites: Celebrity Chef, Celebrity Travel , Travel Big and Think Contra.

Tatiana also serves as a translator and editor working on institutional materials for various prestigious companies: The Peninsula Hotels and Holly Hunt, among others. She also develops and manages social media content for brands and organizations such as Visit Mexico (Mexico Tourism Board) and the British Virgin Islands.

She is the founder and editor of The Brazil Curator, a website on Brazilian culture for foreigners.

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